Monday, 30 May 2011

Good Cool Jobs Pay Over 100K

Among the various parameters that are reflected in a person choosing a career, is the primary wage earner. In a moment of glottalisation has career opportunities have increased significantly. There are jobs that have the potential to earn a very competitive salary. Jobs that pay over 100K are well-paid jobs in the world. We understand that no work in the early years can pay more than 100K. Crossing $ 100,000 mark after a work experience and specific skills.

Good Cool jobs that pay over 100K

Medicinal plants are the highest paid in the world. What education than you, more responsibility, the better the ability to generate income. PEMA also promise to pay a fine of qualified candidates and companies pay them well. Similarly, there are many other jobs that pay more rapid than 100K.


lawyer salary, especially in the areas of crime and businesses can easily exceed 100K salary, when a lawyer has been resolved in this area. Since the law is a very competitive field, the candidate is trying to solve in this race. Since the lawyer is one of the treatments of his career, but you must be a very good indication of the passion in this field.


health care the largest sector in the United States, is proud to offer some of the highest wages and, surgeons, anesthetists and physicians in other areas. List of rapid creation of jobs, which cost more than 100K is dominated by the majority of medical jobs. Check the salary ranges for jobs in the medical field.

* Nurse anesthetist salary: $ 200,000 to $ 400,000

* Heart Surgeon Salary: $ 109,000 and $ 400,000

* Brain Surgeon Salary: $ 62,000 to $ 600,000

* Plastic Surgery  Salaries: $ 200,000 to $ 800,000

* An obstetrician Salary: $ 50,000 and $ 300,000

* Gynecology  Salary: 160,000 to 260,000

* Dentist * Salary: $ 70,000 and 200,000

Finance Manager

In the Fiscal Responsibility is responsible for accounting and reporting of financial transactions of the Company. When you have a good experience, you can earn a decent living in this area very, crossing the 100 km.

HR Manager

HR professionals are paid more when it comes to business. In recent years there has been an increase in yield potential, the salary of the director of human resources, as it has been an integral part of any company or organization.

Software Engineer / Software Architect

Armed with a technical degree in computer science and a flair for software development, you can climb to the pinnacle of success in this area. Professionals can earn an average of $ 120,000. And "without doubt one of the jobs that pay 100K.

Sales Executive / VP (Vice President) / COO / CFO

In any society that professionals earn a decent wage. Those at the top of the hierarchy in society, the rapid ability to earn more than 100K difficult to reach these positions, after several years of hard work.


Evaluation of the ten most popular breeds, corporate executives are better paid. You can earn between $ 160,000 and $ 300,000.

Good Jobs that pay over 100K without a diploma

Some jobs that pay more than 100K, even without a degree! But remember, these studies have established specific requirements, such as interpersonal skills, capabilities, and can have a rigorous training before starting work.

* Real Estate Agent

* Writer

* Events Coordinator

* Commercial Pilot

* Township Engineer

* Research and Researchers

* Fashion Designers

* Radiation Therapist

* The jobs that pay very dangerous

Some of the most dangerous jobs in the world that are dangerous to life is also very well paid. Some jobs that pay very dangerous.

* Crab fisherman

* Oil Rig Workers

* Elevator Mechanics

* Iron Workers

* Minor / Mechanics

* Drivers

* Sheet Metal Worker

* Fire

* Bodyguard

* Bomb Squad

* Astronauts

* Bounty Hunters

* Stunt Man
This is not only a serious and boring quickly pay more than 100K. Some jobs that pay over 100K so much fun to design and planning of fashion jewelry you can explore their creativity and fast to enjoy fully paid. These are jobs that pay over 100K quickly. All the chosen field, the fact is that you begin to earn higher wages working for several years and has a lot of experience.

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